The Dark Cloaks follow Gorchak, the Master.

As the Master is a very busy man and often absent on business even the Dark Cloaks don't know of, a council of three people leads the Dark Cloaks in his absence, in strict accordance to the Master's wishes. The most recent Council consisted of Seriya DeLacey, Choma and Camigwen. However, Camigwen has left Sosaria, together with her husband Gorbash, and Choma is missing. This leaves Seriya currently as the only senior Darkcloak.

Other Cloaks progress through ranks that denote the length and quality of their service to the Master. Only those who show the greatest dedication to the Master's will and the most aptitude for the Cloaks' stealthy and underhanded methods can hope to rise to the highest hour, that of the Master's Chosen.