Name: Volchak
Age: 71
Race: Human
Height: 5 7"
Hair Colour: Grey
Birthplace: Britain
Rank: Slave
Notable Features : Two bronze front teeth crafted by Lord Michael
Quote: 'Ours is not to reason why, Ours is but to do and die'

Volchak is an old man, there is little more to be thought of him upon first glance. His thick wirey beard hides most of his face and chest as his hair straggles down to meet it, grey and unkept it tangles about the old mans wrinkled face. From that face two eyes can be seen, somewhat faded brown ever watchful of the surroundings yet in certain lights they might appear almost sorrowful in their gaze, as if dreaming of times long since past. Volchak is no giant of a man, standing less than average height with a build thats mostly hidden beneath the thick layers of weathered garments he wears below his fading charcoal cloak. You cannot tell at a glance of this mans strength nor speed, yet to move he appears slow and cumbersome with age, often a wheeze or a pant can be heard escaping his dogged lungs following any form of exertion.

In fact to look at, you do not understand why this man would be accepted as a Darkcloak, indeed you ask yourself also why did he need no apparant test of his abilities before being brought before the master. As you turn away back to your business, you catch a glint of bronze emerging from that beard in the evening sun, having heard of his teeth you question to yourself... why is the old man grinning...

[You really want to know who Volchak is... come ask him yourself]