Vie Zorashad

Name: Vie Kyona Zorashad
Age: Eighteen
Height: 5'0" when barefoot
Build: Slim and petite
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Parents: Ayaluna K'sanya Zorashad (deceased) and Andrew Cole Vincent

Vie was raised in a relatively quiet, close gypsy camp by her mother after they left Vie's drunkard father for better things. Ayaluna took her and her then four-year old daughter back to the camp she'd first met her husband in, and began teaching her little skills to pass the time, mostly how to use weapons to some extent. The only other woman in the five-person camp, a relatively young Drow named Lilistra Daern, took the girl under her wing while Ayaluna was away and began to teach her Lilistra's natural language, happy that there was a bright and eager to learn person in the company.

Ayaluna died after eating stolen food with traces of deadly poison, apparently having been meant to be given to a visitor of the inn she stole the goods from, leaving her ten-year old daughter alone except for Lilistra in the camp, which had only grown by three men. For months Vie grew more and more unhealthy after her mother's death, feeling abandoned and alone except for a negligent and rough-of-hand father she had no interest in seeing. Finally, though, Lilistra coaxed her ward from her shell, though for years, Vie would not regain that healthy, happy glow. Vie continued learning Drow and began studying their culture whenever possible, normally when the camp stopped in towns to scam and restock.

Times such as these, Lilistra would teach her to move in near-silence through the forest and towns, and always keep her eyes and ears keen for the sounds of anyone following them as they practiced their fighting, not wanting to lead anyone back to the camp. Years slowly slid by and the camp grew, lost, grew, ending up with about twelve people the night Vie, now a young woman of sixteen and a half or so, could be considered a more useful member of the company. She never did feel at home, though, and it wasn't a hard decision to make when she wrote out a quick note to Lilistra who hadn't seemed to age more than a year since Vie had arrived more than a decade before, explaining that she would not be returning to the camp.

She slipped away that night, and never did look back. She met few people, made few friends, always finding herself distrusting anyone she began to grow close to. The only two she allowed herself to see more than a handful of times were Anahera O'Lion, the thought-deceased daughter of Pad O'Lion, and Caladras, who eventually led her to the Dark Cloaks, the first place she could feel useful and in her proper place in over a year.