Seriya Delacey

Seriya DeLacey had had enough. All her life she had been bossed about, protected, collymoddled and generally speaking prevented from having fun. A late, unexpected child to a family of wealthy landowners north of Minoc, she had been the apple of her parents' eye and kept out of harm's way at every turn.

When Londo, her much older brother, left the parental home after an angry row, she had tagged along with him in the hope of finally finding some fun and excitement in her life. Alas, although things briefly looked up when they met the mysterious Thane DeLacey, it was Londo who established himself as a valued front-line warrior, while she was once again being left behind in the house. To make things worse, Riyala, that horrible woman who ran the house when Tamryn wasn't watching, seemed to think of Seriya as little more than a slave, making her scribe endless piles of potions and cleaning the dishes. This would not do.

Secretly, while the others were out on their little adventures, Seriya began looking through their personal belongings. She eagerly read every single book in Sharrow's extensive collection of magical tomes, and with a little practice she was soon a proficient mage herself. She'd also found a little well-read book in Skowronek's chest which was infinitely more interesting, because it detailed the use of various poisons. Practicing poisoning was hard because Seriya could only steal a limited amount of Cyprjan's stash of "limeade", but she quietly persevered.

Then one day, after a particularly unfair dressing down by Riyala over her supposed "laziness", Seriya decided enough was enough. She was almost 16, able to look after herself, and definitely too old to being spoken to in such a manner. Gathering her little pack of belongings, she told Tamryn exactly what she thought of her treatment by the DeLaceys, and slammed the door behind her.

Seriya soon made her way to Britain, and the bustle of the streets and the drunken revellry in the taverns were much more to her liking. And the people she met.... from the splendidly dressed Lords and Ladies that congregated around the bank on their fierce nightmares and their eery blue staffs to the drunks and beggars found in the city's stinking river, they all were infinitely more interesting than those boring DeLaceys.

One man she'd met in one of the taverns particularly intrigued her. Tall, with dark hair and a handsome pale face, he dressed in the finest black leather and wore a stange cloak of a dark, shimmering material. Seriya thought she'd heard his name mentioned somewhere before, but dismissed that as her imagination. The truly curious thing about the stranger was that he seemed to know the DeLaceys! As soon as she'd mentioned her stay with the DeLaceys and how she'd resented Riyala's bullying, his eyes lit up as he drew her near. "Now let me tell you something about those DeLaceys," he said. "Them goody-two-shoes bunch of mediocre warriors. They're nowhere near as good as they'd have you think - in fact they've done some real nasty stuff in the past. Let me tell you...."