Joseph Lanoor

Sitting in the room of a Trinsican inn, Joseph sat back in the chair, letting his mind drift backwards in time. He stretched lightly and quirked a smile, as he took the quill and began writing.

Twenty nine years old now.. I remember growing up in Magincia, under the tutelage of a Cleric woman. I was taught to become a healer, meant to work in the healer's guild in the City. Funny how things turn out quite different. As the cleric woman that taught me neared her death, of old age, she told me the truth about my heritage. Born a farmer's son in Yew, half brother of Dominick Lanoor. I was the product of a sidestep in the marriage. My father had laid with another woman, and wanted to keep it hidden from his wife. Thus, I was sent to Magincia, to be trained under the cleric and her sisterhood. I enjoyed my time there, and learned many useful things, so all was not bad. Eventually, the Cleric woman died, and I packed my bags, said my goodbyes, and headed off to Yew. I wanted to find my brother, tell him the truth, and then see how thing's would turn out. Of course, my luck being what it is, my brother died the day prior to my arrival. His story is something different altogether, but I suppose I will be writing about that as well, soon enough. I write this document to tell about my story, as much for myself as for others that wish to read. Reminding myself of my past can, at present, be painful, but I believe it is necessary for me. To learn of my own mistakes and see where I am to be heading next. There will be more to the story, naturally, some is already written, mostly about Ikiko. So.. This will be my diary of sorts, my view on things.. the words "This is just the beginning" has never been so true. Not to me anyway