21st January 2003

A dark task concluded

Against all reason, Night has attempted the suicidal task of retrieving a mystical gem from the depths of a jealously guarded dungeon. Against all odds, he succeeded and emerged alive. Now that he is free from the sorceror’s hold, who knows where his path will take him next…


20th January 2003

Kurt released

With Cal returned from the dead, Kurt’s conviction of Manslaughter was null and void. Kurt has now been released from prison, having spent only one night in his cell.


20th January 2003

DeadCal’s funeral and Second Chances

The time had finally come to pay a last tribute to DeadCal. A large crowd of mourners had gathered at the Shrine of Sacrifice, where DeadCal’s ashes were to be scattered. But the strangest thing happened when the ashes were dispersed, as an oddly familiar-looking woman emerged from the shadows of the shrine… Meanwhile many leagues away, an unnamed and unidentified stranger has been found close to death. Somehow these two events are linked.


19th January 2003

Pandemonium in Court

To say that Kurt’s trial was eventful would be an understatement. In a perfect illustration how the best-laid plans go to waste, Kurt’s trial quickly degenerated from a well set-up case to a farce, with judges dismissed, the legality of the court questioned and whisperings of a set-up on both sides. Despite the wrangling, the evening ended with Kurt’s conviction, but only on a lesser charge and with a much lighter sentence than expected.


19th January 2003

Darkwood is born

The Dark Cloaks aren’t the only ones with an axe to grind about the Templars. Their old friends and allies, the Army of Kaldor, has also started a campaign against the Templars, as have their friends of the Ebon Hand. Recognising their common interest, the three guilds have formed an alliance of sorts with the goal to crush the Templars, raze their home town and sully their reputation forever. The first bloody battles have already been fought…


18th January 2003

Lord Kurt to be tried for Murder

The Templar Lord Kurt has been summoned to present himself to the Court of Truth in Yew. He is to stand trial for the charges of Murder and conspiracy to Murder of DeadCal, a member of the Dark Cloaks’ Council. His co-conspirator Glorion was also issued a summons, but he could not be found. No doubt he has fled these lands, knowing he is guilty.


12th January 2003

A visit to Naeloth

The drow and vampires of Naeloth had organised a party, promising such fun amusement as slave-auctions and Templar-baiting. Of course the Darkcloaks couldn’t be left out!


12th January 2003

Pangs of regret for Night

It seems that Night is regretting his sudden departure from the valley, with no word or explanation to anyone, not even Cal. Last night he suddenly rode into the valley, asking to see Cal. Too bad that instead of a joyful reunion he had to hear the awful news of Cal’s death, peppered with a few choice words from Dash Everoak.


11th January 2003

DeadCal’s journals

Dash has made an interesting discovery in DeadCal’s bedroom…. Her journals.


9th January 2003

A sister for Choma

The mystery of who has been asking questions about the Darkcloaks was finally answered when the Cloaks met a strange lady wandering the streets of Trinsic. She introduced herself as Athene, and told the incredulous Darkcloaks that she was the half-sister of Choma. She had some strange tales to tell of Choma’s heritage, and asked to see her brother. The meeting obviously went well, for a few days later Athene arrived at the Valley, asking the Master for admission to the Darkcloaks.


8th January 2003

DeadCal’s will

Even though it was very unlikely that DeadCal should ever die, she’d evidently counted on the possibility and left a will. This brought a number of surprises and new responsibilities, most of all for the easy-going Dash Everoak.


8th January 2003

A bitter defeat

After a cold night spent in an uncomfortable cave, Lord Kurt was deemed ready for questioning by the Dark Cloaks. Unsurprisingly, Kurt pleaded he was innocent, and launched into a convoluted and frankly unconvincing tale suggesting that DeadCal and Glorion had made some mistakes during the ritual, that DeadCal herself was responsible for the ritual going wrong, and that in any event Cal was not truly dead. But Kurt could not offer any proof that this was the case, and was also unable to explain the remarkable coincidence that Glorion should find Cal's soul so easily and at such a convenient time. Sadly, the Cloaks did not get the opportunity to watch Kurt squirm for very long under their insistent questioning, for a veritable army of Templars appeared outside Hawk's Hollow. Refusing to give up their guest without a fight, the Cloaks defended themselves valiantly against the Templars, but were overwhelmed by the numbers… When they recovered from their wounds, the Templars had long gone, taking Lord Kurt with them.


8th January 2003

Lord Kurt captured!

An urgent pigeon arrived late in the evening at Hawk's Hollow. It carried a note from Raxnixia, the leader of the South Beach Mercenaries - one of the groups hired by Choma to hunt down Lord Kurt and Glorion, both of which were wanted by the Master on suspicion of murdering DeadCal. The note read: "Dark Cloaks, we have fulfilled the contract. Come to Trinsic moongate to receive Lord Kurt." A small group of Cloaks hastily gathered and proceeded to Trinsic, to collect their much-anticipated "guest"…


7th January 2003

The Reinstatement of Gorbash

Gorbash, Servant of Gochak, had been demoted to the rank of Slave for a week and spent the time collecting resources for the guild and sweeping the city of Vesper. Now his week was up, and his penance done. But before being reinstated, he insisted he must do one last task to prove himself - fight a Dragon, not quite with his bare hands, but armed with only a kryss and wearing no armour. The Cloaks were bemused by this request, but nevertheless came to help. A furious battle ensued, but in the end Gorbash emerged grinning and victorious. He is now reinstated in his former rank.


5th January 2003

War is Declared

Having heard of the Dark Cloaks' accusation that Kurt and Glorion had secretly plotted to kill DeadCal, the Templars have wasted no time and declared War on the Dark Cloaks. If the Cloaks are seen near the Beaufort, the Templars have vowed to attack them and beat them into submission. The Cloaks have responded in kind. They will not tolerate the presence of any Templars anywhere near their valley. Outside their strongholds relations are tense, and while there is no open warfare there have been reports of smaller skirmishes and arguments…


5th January 2003

The Plot Thickens

Thinking about the passing of DeadCal, Seriya has come to the conclusion that her death was far from accidental. There were too may coincidences, starting with Glorion's oh so convenient chance discovery of her soul, his involvement together with Kurt in the ritual for Reggie and his demands that DeadCal be present. The Templars deliberately planned the outcome of the ritual, which but a cunning ploy to murder Cal right under the Dark Cloaks' noses. The Templars had best be ready, for the Cloaks won't rest until they have avenged DeadCal and brought the perpetrators of this foul plot to justice.


4th January 2003

Voices of the Past

We have all been shaken by the demise of DeadCal, but Ilmryn O'Kreal, the angry and withdrawn assassin, has taken it particularly badly. It seems that DeadCal had been the one person in the Dark Cloaks he'd begun to respect, despite - or even perhaps because - of the stern way she dealt with his misdemeanors.


4th January 2003

Who is asking about us?

It seems we have attracted some attention, although I am not sure yet from whom or why. But somebody has been asking questions about us, both with the Guards in Minoc and in Trinsic.


3rd January 2003

DeadCal's Demise and the Curing of Reggie

Reggie has been cured of his madness in a ritual designed and conducted by the Knights Templars, with the help of the Dark Cloaks. That is the good news. The disastrous news is that DeadCal, who played a central part in the ritual as she offered her recently re-discovered soul to the daemons possessing Reggie in exchange for Reggie's sanity, has perished in the ritual. The Dark Cloaks are still in a state of utter shock and mourning…


3rd January 2003

Night sighted in Skara Brae

Having left the Dark Cloaks, Night seems to have returned to his old home town of Skara Brae. Our scouts could tell us little of what he was doing there, save that he seemed to have suffered a new injury on his shoulder - or was it perhaps the old one giving him new trouble? - and that he was seen talking to Xantoria, the mage who had held him captive.


2nd January 2003

The Art of Revenge

Camigwen is not the innocent and fun-loving girl she comes across, that much is becoming apparent. Besides her strange desire to kidnap and torture artists, she has also been seen skulking around the valley late at night. It seems she has old acquaintances there, who possibly live at the southern tip of the valley… At least she has been seen lurking near an unassuming small tower right at the bottom of the valley, a murderous look in her eye…


2nd January 2003

Lenar returns to the Army of Kaldor

Despite Seriya's best efforts, the ritual to appease Raza went ahead as planned. DeadCal and Lenar stood firm against the Balron's wrath, and the Balron was sacrificed to Raza, together with the blood of several Britannian heroes kindly donated by a blood elemental. Raza seemed pleased, for the curse on Lenar is now lifted, and he has regained his voice as well as his youthful looks. Sadly, his ability to "remember" the future has also disappeared….

With the god appeased Lenar no longer has need of the Master's protection, and has returned to the Army of Kaldor. However his stay at Strongholt was only short, for the very next day he departed to the homelands, in order to study to be a priest - or whatever passes for a priest among the war-thirsty Kaldorians.


2nd January 2003

Sadly, Seriya's attempt to derail Lenar's ritual has failed, and the Kaldorian once again has the Britannian blood he needs. She briefly thought she was in luck when she heard that Lenar had been arrested in Minoc, but the damn fool Britannia Guards returned him immediately. Her luck was growing thin, and time running out...


1st January 2003

A strange visitor

JR Hartley has found a strange woman wandering the Valley. She asked to return to the place, so he kindly - and perhaps foolishly - marked a rune for her. It was not until after she had the rune that she began to reveal that he knew about the Dark Cloaks. She claimed she was the daughter of the "Wolf" - we fear by this she means Garret - and was asking for the whereabouts of Seriya. Apparently a group of men wearing stag antlers had been asking questions about Seriya around Yew. An odd thing, since Seriya does not recall meeting these men, or has ever heard of people matching their description.



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