Age: 68

Race: Humanoid

Height: 6'9"

Build: Muscular, Inhuman

A young teenager, around the age of 15 can be seen walking through the woods of Yew. Walking along the mud path, he is taking no notice of where he is going and is busy reading from an old silver inlaid book of Chivalry.

Suddenly two large men jump upon him and tackle him to the ground. They were beating him, just before he fell completely unconscious, he felt them bind his feet and begin to drag him.

Coming around, he found himself in a small cage, It look like it was underground. Trying to move, he found himself chained to a large iron operating table, completely naked. A frail old man entered the room, hunched over, with long silver hair. He seemed to be talking to himself and contemplating something. The boy tried to speak, but nothing came out of his mouth, the man looked at him and uttered "A fine specimen". Moving around him, the old man produced an old rusty scalpel and began cutting into the boyís torso. It wasnít long before he passed out.

This continued for years, Surgery, with nothing to ease the pain. The man was obsessed with operating on him, the boy barely survived, and the little time he was awake, was full of pain. The man did many things to his body, he altered his sight, and hearing, his sense of smell and touch improved. His bones and muscles grew to an inhuman size, his stomach was removed and his body began to survive on water alone.

Finally, the old man began to play with his mind, converting it and replacing his happy memories with tales of killing and hate. The beast thrashed and screamed, he was the ideal monster, the ideal killing machine. The old man packed up his things, and left his laboratory with only a large catalogue of reports.

"Farewell, My Hearon" the old man spoke.

He slammed the old door of the laboratory closed.

It took many months for the pain to ease, the boy broke free of his restraints. He didnít know where he was, he didnít know who he was, and he didnít know why.