31st December 2002


Seriya, still determined to keep Lenar from successfully conducting his ritual for Raza, has turned her hand to a little underhanded sabotage. Let's hope Lenar doesn't find out who spilled Ruadnit Troi's blood all over Hawk's Hollow...


30th December 2002

Talon reveals himself to the Master

Talon has told the Master of what he found our on his quest to find out his parentage and ancestry. One can only guess at what exactly was said, but the signs are that instead of flying into a rage and killing Talon for dealing with the DeLaceys, he has welcomed Talon and offered to teach him.


30th December 2002

Night leaves the Valley

Very suddenly and unexpectedly, Night has packed up his bags and left the valley for what he claims the last time. The Dark Cloaks are still trying to make sense of why Night should leave. DeadCal in particular has taken Night's leaving very badly, and has spent days sitting in her tower, wrapped up in despair.


30th December 2002

A visit to the Meer

When Choma joined the Dark Cloaks many moons ago, the Master offered the Dark Cloaks' help in his personal affairs if he should needed. Now it seems that time has come. Choma asked for the Dark Cloaks to aid him in his struggles against the Meer, his enemies of old. A sizeable force of Dark Cloaks left Hawk's Hollow that evening, to bring havoc on the Meer town of Lakeshire...


30th December 2002

Garret sighted again

Garret, the Fist of Gorchak, has emerged from the secret place where he has been recuperating from his wounds, and once again walks the Valley. But he is much changed - it seems he has been keeping secrets from the Master all along, and now that the Dark Cloaks are distracted by their hunt for Reggie he has chosen to come out in the open. Garret has turned renegade and returned to his former master Set, whose services he apparently never truly left. The Chaos Axe has vanished with him, hidden somewhere where only Garret and Set can find it - or so Garret believes...


29th December 2002

A rude awakening for Reggie

After a seemingly endless search, the Dark Cloaks have found and recaptured Reggie. He was found sitting in Britain at the fountain, lost in thought, when a group of Dark Cloaks came upon him.After a brief struggle with Night and a lengthy battle with Malechi, Reggie is now once again locked up in a secret cave, albeit with plenty of food and pillows...


29th December 2002

A dangerous ritual

Lenar has discovered what he must do to appease Raza, and hopefully avoid the deaths of those around him as well as regain his lost voice. But the ritual entails a great deal of risk to both himself as well as DeadCal, and not everybody's happy about the idea...


28th December 2002

Shazam returns!

Shazam the wizard has returned to the Dark Cloaks. Incredibly, he claims to have been trapped in another dimension - or could it be another plane? - by the other wizard, Draelin. Fortunately he managed to control a mindless ettin as it wandered past Hawk's Hollow, and through him he told the Dark Cloaks of a way to rescue him...


27th December 2002

Reggie's escaped - again!

Once again the madman is on the loose... yet again at the hands of Gorbash. The half-orc tricked Seriya into allowing him a meeting with Reggie, and there successfully passed Reggie a bracelet of binding, right under the noses of Seriya and Camigwen. Seriya and DeadCal confronted Gorbash afterwards, and retrieved his matching bracelet - but unfortunately Reggie had already escaped. Gorbash was punished for his deeds, and finds himself demoted to a slave for a week, banned from carrying weapons or wearing armour, and ordered to gather resources for the guild and sweep the streets of Vesper. Meanwhile, time runs short for the Dark Cloaks to recapture Reggie, and for Reggie's survival...


27th December 2002


When DeadCal knocked down Reggie in the process of capturing him for the second time, she found on his body a strange note written in orcish language. Seriya, being in possession of a dictionary on the orcish black speech, confirmed the language to be the old orcish high tongue. Worse still, the note turned out to be a kind of a shopping list, including many of the items of armour and weapons found on Reggie, and had almost certainly been written by the same person that busted Reggie out of his house in the Valley. Of all the orcs and half-orcs the Dark Cloaks have encountered, only one speaks that speech with some proficiency - the Dark Cloak Gorbash.


22nd December 2002

What is Choma getting up to?

Choma has been curiously absent these last few days. There've been a few unconfirmed sightings that suggest he's been spending some time in his old home of Ilshenar, and that he may have encountered some Meer - his most hated enemies - in the process, but for the moment I am not certain. He does not seem to be in any difficulty however, which is at least a pleasant change.


22nd December 2002

Lenar is sheltering with the Dark Cloaks

Lenar Isawa, the erstwhile Kaldorian Commander, has come to seek the protection of the Master for a time. It appears that Lenar has paid a high price for abusing the powers of his god Raza. By his own claims, the god took his spirit after a ritual, and has held it prisoner for ten years before casting it back to Sosaria. The ordeal has left Lenar without speech and in fear of Raza. Worse still, the god has extended his wrath to all those that Lenar holds near and dear. Lenar believes that everybody he cares about is doomed to die within a matter of months….


21st December 2002

Talon finds some clues in Yew

During his search around Yew for any clues to his parents and heritage, Talon has made the chance acquaintance of a miner who seemed to recognise his face. At a hastily arranged meeting with one of the miner's friends, some curious coincidences were revealed, with potentially very worrying implications for Talon….


21st December 2002

Reggie is captured again

After three days on the run, Reggie has finally been re-taken. He was found by DeadCal in Minoc, wearing an orc mask and wearing an ill-fitting purple dress. DeadCal, already suspicious of the numbers of strange folk and beggars who were suddenly seen around Minoc town hall, challenged the "orc" and found him to be none other than Reggie. Spears were soon crossed, fortunately Reggie turned out to be no match for Cal.

Picking up a rune to a new hiding place from Seriya, DeadCal brought Reggie to a secret cave, with no ways in or out except by magic. There won't be any lucky escapes this time, Reggie will remain confined until a cure for him is found. It should also be noted that Gorbash was also quickly on the scene after Reggie's re-capture, and that he was arguing almost feverishly for Reggie to be released again.


20th December 2002

The Disciplining of Ilmryn

Ilmryn, one of the more recent additions to the Dark Cloak, has been getting too unruly for his own good. Not known for his pleasant temper at the best of times, DeadCal was very put out with him when he refused to take part in the rescue mission for Night without any further "sweeteners", only to get himself into trouble with a young female Disciple of Chaos the following day. Cal's idea of punishment was effective, if a bit brutal…


20th December 2002

Night rescued!

Four days had passed, and the wizard returned as he had promised. He led the Dark Cloaks to the depths of the dungeon Deceit, where Nydaen had to tip-toe his way around the resident lich lords to get to a dusty forgotten chest. A certain little bunny rabbit which was also hopping around the room did not make Nydaen's task any easier…



19th December 2002

Seriya has finally brought herself to show the Master the book the Dark Cloaks found on the Templars' caravan. No prizes for guessing that the Master was not best pleased. Read more.


18th December 2002

Reggie escaped!

While the Templars were still conducting experiments on the Chaos shard and preparing their ritual to cure the lingering infection of Reggie's arm, somebody has evidently lost patience and chosen to set Reggie free. The deed was done one afternoon, while the Dark Cloaks were out attending to their duties and the Valley - and the small tower where Reggie was confined for everybody's safety - was quiet. The first the Dark Cloaks knew about it was when they returned to the Valley later that evening, to find the door to Reggie's house a pile of rubble. There was no sign of Reggie, or of whoever released him. However, suspicion falls on the half-orc Gorbash, who has always argued against the need to keep Reggie confined. Reggie's enemies beware, for the wound has festered and Reggie may well be going back to carry out the terrible maimings he had promised…


16th December 2002

The lost soul

An unexpected piece of news: DeadCal's soul, which was stolen from her years ago by liches, has been found intact and well - by none other than the Knights Templar Glorion. He told us a tall tale of just happening to find the soul on the body of a lich which he had redeemed using the virtue of Sacrifice. Seriya finds this too darned convenient a find and was suspicious of the story, but DeadCal has since confirmed that the soul is indeed hers. Are we now to believe that Glorion just happened to find the right soul at the right time, or is there perhaps something more sinister to this? Only time will tell…



16th December 2002

A demand for ransom

A stranger came to the Valley tonight - a grey-haired wizard. Just as the Dark Cloaks were about to show the wizard the way out of the valley with very precise instructions not to return, the wizard revealed that he had a hostage - none other than Night. Night was still alive, he revealed, but badly injured. The wizard did not seem to have any further interest in Night, but was hoping to obtain a certain book of ancient knowledge in exchange for the former ranger. Distasteful as it is to give in to such ransom demands, we felt that Night was too valuable to risk and so the Dark Cloaks agreed to the wizard's demands and wait for him to return four days later.


16th December 2002

In search of a cure for Reggie

Malechi Bibar has taken it upon himself to seek out a cure for the infection in Reggie's arm.Even after the removal of the Chaos shard, the wound continues to fester and has begun to blacken Reggie's arm.

Fearing that the madness would once again take hold of Reggie if the infection was not cured soon, Malechi has gone looking among the most unlikely sources for help - the Knights Templars. The Templars are well studied in the arts of numerous rituals, and their library holds many tomes of knowledge. Malechi heard that Lord Kurt was the person most likely able to help Reggie, and biting back his pride he asked the Templar for whatever help he could offer…


13th December 2002

A slight bit of good news on Night

All our searches have so far not managed to find Night, but after a tip-off from Ruadnit Troi and bribing a bar man DeadCal has at least found the site where Night was ambushed. His body was however not there. It's a bit of a relief not to have a body as yet, but we are still no closer to finding out what has happened to him, and whether he's alive or dead. Read all about it


12th December 2002

A trap is laid

The Dark Cloaks intercepted a most interesting message on its way to the DeLaceys. It indicated that Bah-reeh and other Templars were planning to take the book they had stolen from Londo to Tamryn DeLacey, guild mistress of the DeLaceys. As luck would have it their path would take the Templars almost directly past the Dark Cloak's valley. An opportunity too good to miss, the Dark Cloaks thought. A trap was swiftly laid, and an agonising stand-off and a furious battle ensued….


12th December 2002

While out searching for Night, DeadCal has made an interesting acquaintance in Britain. The man looked almost exactly like Reggie, but lacked the spark of violent madness in his eyes. It turned out that the man was in fact Reggie's twin brother Ronnie, a man with a chequered background and a fair bit of influence among Britain's more colourful inhabitants. On hearing about Reggie's madness Ronnie was very concerned, and told us he was interested in learning more about the Dark Cloaks.


10th December 2002

Very troubling news regarding Night

Night has been absent for a few days, and we fear that he might have come to harm. All we know for sure at this stage is that he went looking for Reggie. Now Reggie has been found and safely locked up, but there is still no sign of Night. This is very worrying, since it's not normally like Night to just disappear like that. DeadCal in particular is very anxious to hear from him.


10th December 2002

The beginnings of an alliance

Choma, recently appointed Dark Cloak ambassador to the Disciples of Chaos, witnessed an interesting and exciting battle between the Disciples, the Crimson Claw and the Knights Templars when he visited Trinsic. The full account can be found here


9th December 2002

Talon embarks on a quest for his parents

Talon, who only recently joined the Dark Cloaks, has had an encounter with a mysterious seer. Anxious to find out about his heritage, he asked her about the fate of his long lost parents. Sadly he did not much like the answer…. To find out more about his ancestry, Talon has now embarked on a journey to Yew. Read more about it here


9th December 2002

Reggie captured!!

Tonight Reggie's luck finally ran out. Lurking in Hawk's Hollow he made an attempt to seize Seriya when she came there alone to pick up some supplies. One can only presume he'd wanted to carry out his plan and cut out her tongue. Fortunately the other Dark Cloaks were quickly alerted to the danger, as was the Kaldorian Lenar who was linked to Seriya through a magical bracelet, and Reggie was quickly overwhelmed. A full account can be found here


7th December 2002

DeadCal and Randalph visit Beaufort …

...and try the alert the Templars to corruption and double standards within the ranks! Of course the Templars see it all a little differently… Read the full story here


4th December 2002

Reggie attacks DeadCal

Reggie has made a foul attempt on DeadCal. Perhaps we did not take his threat seriously enough, for tonight he turned them into action. Using only the bluntest of instruments, he cut out her heart to give it to Night as a twisted gift… the only saving grace being that DeadCal is, as her name would imply, already dead. If you're easily upset by the mention of blood, don't read this


2nd December 2002

A new arrival

A strange new girl arrived in the Valley tonight. Her face seemed familiar to Seriya, although she couldn't place it at first. Her confusion was soon cleared up when the stranger introduced herself as Camigwen, the sister of Rhiannon of the Guardians of Yew. Camigwen claimed to have been sent to the Dark Cloaks by Cen Brennah of the Architects of the Flesh, in the hope that they might help her in her quest to take revenge on her sister, who she believes tried to have her killed many years ago. Read here


4th December 2002

Ant-agonisation, Wrack style

Wrack the Rotten has taken a bit of a liking to Seriya - much to her discomfort, it has to be said - and an extreme dislike to anyone he feels might stand in his way. Ant, Student of the Britannia Guards, was unlucky enough to be the first person to find out…. Read the full story here


21st November 2002

In a rather worrying development, Reggie has begun to show signs of a strange madness. It seems that one little telling off was all it took to drive him over the edge… Now he's not himself anymore, and he's after revenge…. Read this




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