Cra'en d'Thargaz

Cra'en leaned off the balcony of the Hollow playing with a small necklace in his left hand, catching the sunlight on it, and reflecting it onto his right. The symbol at the end of the chain showed a serpent devouring its own tail. Cra'en knew his brother had used this symbol when he held the position as leader of Naeloth, but he was not sure if it was something his brother had created, or whether it was an older Naeloth symbol. I didn't matter any longer, he thought to himself.

Cra'en had found a new place in life now, he smirked at that, and thought of how a humans presence used to revolt him, when he was new to Naeloth. Now he found himself surrounded by them, living beside them, working beside them. He thought to himself on how much he had changed in the past few months, and of how much he would still have to change in the coming future. He needed to find acceptance amongst this new band of outcasts, and he foresaw that would be more difficult than a few smiles in the right direction and that sort of thing.

Cra'en let his gaze travel over the serpent symbol in his palm again. This was no longer a symbol of his past affiliations, but instead his symbol, in his new role, as a Darkcloak.