Name: Caladras
Age: 142
Race: Elven
Height: 6 7"
Hair Colour: Blonde
Birthplace: Cal'uin

Caladras is the eldest son of Lord and Lady Thindrae of the forest Cal'uin. His mother and father are the rulers of one of the many nomadic elven tribes dwelling in this hidden forest, no human knows of it's existence and any that do are often killed by the elves. Any that are not killed have a spell placed on them that means that they have no recollection of ever passing through Calíuin.

From a young age Cal showed tremendous talent for stalking and hunting deer, wolves and many of the other creatures of the forest. Although moving unseen and unheard was Cal's main talent he was (as many elves) very talented with the bow. However it was only as he neared maturity that his father allowed him to join the kindred's band of scouts, a great honour among any of the kindred. With his mentor Taurgrik he developed his skills, eventually becoming better than his mentor, even if Taurgrik would never admit it.

Cal enjoyed his time with the scouts immensely, however during a time of peace there was not much for him to do apart from hunt for food. He started to get restless and the urge to travel grew and grew until finally he had to leave. Caladras decided to head for Trinsic first, knowing that they were somewhat tolerant of other races. After living in Trinsic for a few weeks Cal again got restless. His brother had journeyed with him but had gone back home, leaving Cal on his own, with no friends and extremely bored. It was around this time that Caladras stumbled upon one Ruadnit Troi then Captain of the Ranger division of the Britannia Guards (LB). He joined up and didnít look back for years, he made close friendships with many and stayed even when they left to pursue other things and always he wished them good luck. During his time with the Rangers, Shadow Rangers and eventually the Shadows of LB the magic that was in his blood started to come to the fore. He knew that his mother was a powerful mage and healer and that he had inherited some of her magical abilities. He didnít think much of it until he visited his parents for the first time in years. His mother, taking him aside, told him that his aura had changed and he was ready to put down his bow and arrow and become a mage like her. Caladras instantly saw the benefit of using magic in conjunction with his other abilities and so training started in earnest. As time passed Cal got more and more proficient at commanding the magical energies of the land, including the somewhat crude form that is human magic.

Going back to the Shadows after learning his magic he found that once again work for him had dried up, he was acting more and more like a normal guard and no one seemed to have any use for him. His friends had once again moved on and this time Cal was alone, almost totally. That was it; he had to leave, no matter how hard it may be to leave what had become his second family it was in his best interests. There was only one place that Caladras knew he would find work and that he would fit in, the Darkcloaks. Many of his comrades had gone there and now it was his turn he sought out Seriya Delacey and the rest as they say is history.