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25nd August 2002
FFL humbled again


Well, Garret and Gorbash did come across another FFL do-gooder in Nu'jelm.

Garret fought 'Salmon Ella', with a special clause attached. If she lost, then she must provide food for Gorbash, the Orc. Additionally, she would have a new title to wear for a week.

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to get any paintings of the fights. Suffice to say that Garret won 2-1.

Salmon Ella kept her word, and duly returned with food for Gorbash.

Gorbash, not being the sort of Orc that 'looks a gift horse in the mouth', promptly slayed it, and munched on the flesh.

Shortly after, Salmon Ella was forced to display her new guild title. *chuckles* She will now keep this title for a whole week !

Thereafter, she was forced to fight the Orc, and myself, one after the other.

We both made quick work of her, as befits the followers of the Master.

In this painting, we see the aftermath of Gorbash's clash with his 'Feeder'

All in all, a most humiliating day for the Flatulent Fleeing Llamas, given that earlier in the day, one of their number was bested twice by yours truly.

The Master will be most pleased.


Apostle of Gorchak

The Master is most pleased! This is the sort of humiliation of our foes that I like to see. As we all know the wounds from a blade heal quickly, wounds to their good name take much longer to heal.

Well done my Minions, I expect more such deeds in the coming months.


The Master


22nd August 2002

A meeting with the Shadow Council

Some weeks ago, as you may remember, the Darkcloaks had a chance encounter with a sinister group of people calling themselves the Shadow Council.


Their leader, a sorceress by name of Evilyn, at the time made a comment that greatly intrigued the Master. She said that she was not a being of this world, but had come to Sosaria from elsewhere. The Master wished to find out more about this. Could it really be that Evilyn was another planeswalker, like the Master? If so, did she also carry a dragon soul? Or was there perhaps some other way to gain this ability?
To find some answers, myself and Villa decided to arrange for another meeting with Evilyn. She confirmed that she had indeed traveled through many worlds before arriving in Sosaria. The truth of this claim was proven by another member of the Council called Morganna. When asked if any of the Shadow Council had ever met or heard of the DeLaceys, Morganna replied that she had heard of some DeLaceys being seen in the world called Eridreja, where they had taken up the profession of alchemists. The Master has confirmed that this is indeed true, but that the DeLaceys have since been routed from that world.


Evilyn also revealed that she did not posses a dragon soul. Instead, she gained her powers from a god-like entity called Zell, after she found a magical artifact linked to this entity. These powers are shared by several senior members of the Shadow Council.

Evilyn claims that Zell is an entity dedicated to chaos, destruction and death, and that the Shadow Council as its followers have brought death and destruction to all the worlds that they have resided in. They intend to do the same to Sosaria.

While the Master does not share the Zellites' aim of total destruction, he deems them to be potentially very useful to his cause. Should you meet any members of the Shadow Council, treat them the friendship and respect they are due.


Seriya DeLacey


22nd August 2002

By my instructions, the Darkcloaks set out to gather information about the dominant guilds and belief systems in these lands. Confidant Seriya chose to kill two birds with one stone in this, and asked the Knight's Templars to give us a lecture about the Virtues.

A long meeting took place with the Knight's Templar Lord Tyrion, during which he explained to us the structure and philosophy of the Knight's Templars.

It would appear that the Knight's Templars are a fanatical cult who single-mindedly follow a set of rules they quaintly call the "Virtues". Where these "Virtues" originated remains unclear, but the Knight's Templars have taken it upon themselves to enforce the adherence to these "Virtues" throughout the lands. People found breaking these rules are liable to find themselves summarily arrested by these Knight's Templars, judged by a Knight's Templar and sentenced by a Knight's Templar to whatever punishment he deems fitting.

However misguided their motivations, this way by which the Templars enforce their rules on the world while making everyone believe that they are good people who only act in the interest of the so-called "greater good" must be applauded.

I must hasten to add that it is likely to only be a matter of time until the Knight's Templars "good" intentions run afoul of mine. At that time they shall learn that their little mind-games are not as powerful as they might think, and that an angered Dragon is a fearful being indeed to behold.


The Master


12th August 2002

To relieve some of the tensions of the recent incidents of mockery, the Darkcloaks invited the Fellowship for a friendly game of Capture the Lantern.

The rules, in short: The game is played by two teams. Each have a lantern, which is placed in their base; the aim is to steal the enemy's lantern and return it to your base while defending your own lantern. The first team to have both lanterns in its base wins. The match took place in Yew Crypt, which is a bit damp and muddy but still is a good and proven ground for this game.


Since the Darkcloaks greatly outnumbered the Fellowship on that evening, FFL brought along the Judgement City Judges to fight on their side.
Unfortunately, the first two games quickly showed that the Darkcloaks still have a lot to learn. The joint FFL/JS team was quick to tear through the Darkcloaks' defenses, and Jerec of Yew laid down some impressive "home runs", making off with our lantern at phenomenal speed before we had any chance of stopping him.
The third battle lasted a little longer. The Darkcloaks successfully fought back and held the other team at bay for a little while.

This proved to be enough time for Garret and Skowronek to make it into the enemy's base.

Garret (unwittingly) provided much needed distraction for Skowronek when he stormed into the headquarters to be slain by the waiting defenders. This gave Skowronek enough time to stealth up to the lantern and take it. By the time the defenders realised that the lantern had vanished and was not on Garret's corpse, Skowronek was already safely away from the enemy base. A concerted search by the FFL/JS team failed to find him, since Skow had the presence of mind to stay hidden behind the enemy lines while they were trying to reveal an enemy in front of them. He eventually managed to return the enemy lantern to the DCL base to score a face-saving victory for the Darkcloaks, bringing the final score to 2-1 for the Fellowship and Judges.

All in all, a very fun evening!


Seriya DeLacey


8th August 2002


Our mission to bring those Flatulent Fleeing Llamas who dared to mock our guild and the Master with a wiggling of bare asses has taken another turn.

Last night, a contingent of Darkcloaks set sail for the fair city of Nujelm to find some of the FFL and lean of the whereabouts of the culprits. Our intelligence service had located Sir Osian and Sydark in Nujelm, and knowing that it was otherwise rather quiet our plan was to invite one of the two to our ship, and interrogate them about the whereabouts of the ass-wigglers.

However, things took a different turn when Sir Osian eluded our spy just as were disembarking from our ship, and we were quickly drawn into conversation with one of the Nujelm guards. Two Judges soon approached and asked to see our passports, but they were easily distracted and never bothered to ask again.

Then, as luck would have it, we saw Moiraine, one of those that had dared to insult the Master with her scrawny backside, passing by, together with Sir Osian. Not to miss such an opportunity, we stopped Moiraine and demanded that she make amends for her foul deed. The punishment was to be a sound spanking.

Alas, Moiraine chose to hide behind her Nujelm title of Minister of Peace (or was it Piece of Ass?) and refused to pay the price of her deed. She at first denied that she had ever bared her backside at anyone, least of all Gorchak, but we reminded her that we had proof in form of a picture, which the FFL had foolishly painted to gloat about their exploit. ( see painting above )

In the face of our evidence, she tried a different route insisting that her deed was not a crime under Nujelm laws, and that we therefore could not arrest her particularly since she was a minister and in her home city.

She obviously does not know we recognise no law but the word of the Master, and that in our eyes she has committed a terrible crime by insulting the Master (as have, I hasten to add, three other FFL who have not been forgotten!).

By this time a sizeable crowd had gathered around us, and there were many bemused faces seeing their dear Peace Minister in a very new light. Fancy the formal Minister as a hussy who bares her scrawny behind at other guilds! Even if she did not get spanked that night, we felt that the loss of face and reputation we had inflicted by Moiraine by making her friends aware of her insulting manner was enough humiliation for one night.

Not wishing to disturb the peace and tranquility of Nujelm any further, we decided to withdraw and get our full revenge another day.


Seriya Delacey


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