“Shhhhh…. Come closer, and keep your voice down,”

said the grey-haired, green-robed old wizard.

“You never know who’s listening around here…”

“So, you have come to find out about the Darkcloaks? You are wiser than most; many of those around you don't even know about the Darkcloaks or realise that they might be up to more than they let on."


“I have spent many moons already investigating their secret society, constantly living in danger of being found out. They are a very secretive group and information can be hard to come by.”

“What little I have been able to find out is contained in these pages. Use this information wisely. The Darkcloaks don’t like people finding out their little secrets, so don’t let on you know too much. And be mindful of anyone looking over your shoulder while you read this – you never know if the eye belongs to friend or foe. "

“Best even forget who gave you this information. The name of Shazam the Wizard has not been mentioned in Sosaria in a long while, and it had best stay that way.”

With those words, the craggy old man grew paler and paler, fading into the background until nothing was left but the name of a sky-page that was emblazoned on the rough-hewn table in front of him.



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